Accurate Measurements of Blood Pressure Using Smartwatches

Research conducted by World Health Organization reviews that 7.5 million people die each year due to high blood pressure. 15% of the people who die due to high blood pressure related illnesses are unaware of their situations. High levels of blood pressure in the body often cause stroke, heart failure, and other heart diseases. If you want to find best smartwatches available in the market, you can read detailed comparison and review on

The recent discovery of smartwatches as an easy way to measure blood pressure is increasing the awareness of the blood pressure levels. A wristwatch is a more advanced tool in detecting blood pressure levels in the body. Previous methods of detecting heart beats and blood pressure involve squeezing your arm to obtain pulses and rate of blood flow.

How do smartwatches measure blood pressure?

A smartwatch needs software that is connected to the patient’s or doctor’s phone. Once the patient presses the start button on the watch, the blood pressure detector starts to record patterns in the heart pulses and the pressure of the blood.

Blood pressure levels tend to fluctuate depending on the environment and mood of the patient. The smartwatch is a reliable method of measuring blood pressure as it can record the levels of fluctuations and quickly alert the patient or doctor when the levels are dangerous.

How do smartwatches measure blood pressure different from other devices

  1. Data recorded in the smartwatch is transmitted to the patient’s phone and then to the clinic’s system, unlike other methods.
  2. It can show fluctuation levels in blood pressure unlike other devices that only measures blood pressure at a constant time.
  3. It can send alerts when the levels are abnormal while the other devices only detect at the time of measurement.
  4. Patients can efficiently regulate their levels of blood pressure by merely wearing a smartwatch while other devices it is entirely not possible.

It is an accurate way of measuring your levels of blood pressure. The smartwatch can show the history of your blood pressure levels. You can also adequately set reminders when you need to check your blood pressure levels.

Bottom Line

Using smartwatches to measure the levels of blood pressure has made controlling of heart-related illnesses easy to manage. A watch is portable, and a patient can conveniently carry around and able to detect when the levels are abnormal.

It is a useful gadget especially in patients that have a history of high blood pressure. The smartwatch through its installed app can alarm the patient and doctor when the user is in danger and needs necessary medication. Technology advancement in the medical sector is proving to be useful in controlling mortality rates. However, patients need to adopt recent trends and be able to manage health risks. A smartwatch is the best way to measure heart levels in your body without the uncomfortably of having your arm squeezed.